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Scouring The Market For Stock Picks

Our analysts work tirelessly to identify stocks that are grossly undervalued. We then identify optimal technical entry points to bring you trade setups delivering the highest reward potential at the lowest risk. 
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Buy-Side Research
Through analysis of earnings, free cash flow, and other key metrics, our buy-side team of analysts scan the markets to identify under-valued equities, and research catalysts potentially poising the stock for near-term growth. 
Short Term Holds
Our analysts uncover stocks which are primed for a 10% to 30% move within a short term holding period (generally 1 to 6 weeks). This allows our subscribers to compound their returns through a series of successful trades.
Technical Analysis
We run the equities our analysts identify through a review of their chart patterns and certain technical indicators, and mathematical divergences,  to locate optimal entry points, either long or short.
"It’s A Huge Structural Advantage Not To Have A Lot Of Money. I Think I Could Make You 50% A Year On $1 Million. No, I Know I Could. I Guarantee That"
~Warren Buffet~
The Power of Compounded Returns
The 'structural advantage' Warren Buffet mentions is due to the nature of compounded returns and the ability to enter and exit trades swiftly.   See... a large hedge fund managing $Billions of dollars cannot enter and exit trades quickly, so they are forced to hold their positions over the long term, hoping their research and proceeding investment work out and they can realize a competitive annual return -- Generally, a 30% annual return is the best a large fund can hope for -- With a small individual account, you can exit and enter trades quickly, capturing smaller returns rapidly, and compounding that strategy over and over.   

As you see to the left, starting with only $2500, and hitting 15% gains, will result in breaking $1,000,000 after only 43 trades.  Now, this is only to illustrate the power of compounded returns. Of course there will be trades that go against you.   But as long as we're cutting losses quickly, and letting our winners run, this type of compounding gains is within reach. 
Managing your own modestly sized investment account gives you that huge structural advantage Mr. Buffet was talking about...Stop putting your money in funds that can only offer menial returns.  LanghamTrading puts the power of large hedge fund style research and optimal entry points into your hands so you can achieve the returns you've always hoped for. 
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